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David Porteous Biography

: First Prize : National Anthem Song Contest 2010

: Runner-Up : The Framework Remix Contest 2010

: Honourable Mention : Billboard Song Contest 2009

: Official Olympic Torchbearer Nominee 2008 : Placed 7th out of 6000+ candidates

: New World Thinker : Awarded by Lenovo Computers 2007


"...not only a talented singer/songwriter, but a talented filmmaker." : Janice Forsyth, BBC Radio

"David Porteous has released another great CD." : Tegan and Sara


David PortDavid Porteous is a critically acclaimed Canadian singer/songwriter and documentary filmmaker who currently resides in Toronto, Canada. Now 26-years-old, David begcritically acclaimed Canadian singer/songwriter and documentary filmmaker who currently resides in Toronto, Canada. Now 26-years-old, David began writing music at age 11 and making his own films at the age of 12.

Since 1999, he has produced and recorded 21 solo music releases, had his first radio play on CBC Radio 2 at the age of 14, written numerous film scores, which includes an HBO pilot, music for a nationwide run television commercial, has been nominated as an Olympic Torchbearer, was a CBC Sunday "Spotlight Artist", a NOW Magazine "Critic's Pick", has a Honours Diploma in Sound Engineering and a Degree in Documentary Filmmaking.

David Porteous has performed many popular music festivals and events including NXNE, CMJ Music Marathon, Canadian Music Week. He has also shared the stage opening and/or performed with many talented artists over the years, including Emm Gryner, Rob Lamothe, Major Maker, Peter Katz, Matthew Barber, Lindy, Mary Simon and Nellie McKay.

His music, film and production work has earned praise from many professionals including Tegan and Sara, Matthew Good, Ian Thornley, Boz Boorer (Morrissey), Neal Casal (Ryan Adams), Nels Cline (Wilco) and Simon Jones and Nick McCabe of the Verve.


In January 2010 David released his documentary film and CD "War Music". For five weeks, David Porteous followed the footsteps of soldiers who fought during WWII. Through 10 different countries in Europe, David visited battlefields and cemeteries, interviewing veterans and survivors of the war that he met along the way. He also carried a guitar, and wrote/recorded music, on-location, based on his experiences throughout the journey.

"Any project of such wide scope has potential for missteps, but Porteous's earnest songs, which we literally watch him write on the battlefields of Europe, bring some urgency to events that for many of us are usually just pieces of history. And that's no small feat."
- ‘War Music’ chosen as Top Film Pick of the Day, blogTO

War Music has been featured in part on CBC TV's "Sunday", and BBC’s “The Movie Café”. Future screenings of the film are in planning. For more information, including the movie trailer and download information, visit


In late 2010 David Porteous was awarded First Place in The National Anthem Song Contest contest hosted by Mongrel Media. The contest was created in conjunction with the release of “Score: A Hockey Musical”. David’s entry, “Go Canada Go” was a song he wrote and recorded in celebration of Canada’s 2010 Olympic Gold Medal Winning Hockey Teams. His song also received praise from Hockey Canada, the official organization for Canada’s professional Hockey Teams.

In 2009 David Porteous dared himself to write and record an EP a month for an entire year. The project, “Twelve Months”, was released mid-2010 and featured 70 songs all for the price of a standard music album. Fourteen songs from the project are available for free from

In 2007 David was chosen as 1 of 20 out of 6000+ applications to be nominated as an Olympic Torchbearer for the 2008 Summer Games in Beijing. Along with his nomination, he was awarded the title of “New World Thinker” for his music and film work.

When David Porteous isn't working on his solo music, he enjoys production records for other artists. Some of the artists he has recorded and produced records for include Simeon Ross, Le Peep, Paul Massie, cuesta, and codeen. He has also directed music videos including one for the Last Gang label artist The Angry Kids.


War Music (Film/CD)

The Black Hills
Go Canada Go - Single
Twelve Months (2010)
Aberdeen E.P. (2008)
Willowdale E.P. (2008)
St. Charles E.P. (2008)
Finding Peace On Isabella (2008)
Without Any Warming E.P. (2007)
Parliament (2007)
No News E.P. (2006)
Live In Toronto (2006)
My Fallen Company (2005)
Missing April (2004)
Afternoon E.P. (2004)
From the Walls (2003)
Battalion (2002)
Life After Digital E.P. (2001)
The Mind's Eye (2001)
My Travel E.P. (2001)
Portrait-Robot E.P. (2000)
The Kafka Networking (2000)
Vota Idiota (1999)

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