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UPDATE: Including an annonymous corporate donation, the music tour was able to
raise over $3600 for the Canadian Women's Foundation!
Thanks to everyone for the wonderful support!


A Music Tour to raise money for the Canadian Women's Foundation


The Canadian Women's Foundation helps support over 80 community programs and 450 women's shelters nationwide. Their work helps women affected by poverty, domestic violence, and empowers young women by funding dynamic initiatives.

This music tour will directly affect women and girls across Canada who deserve the well needed support.

The facts:

- In Canada, every six days, a women is killed by her intimate partner

- 21% of Canadian women are raising their children while in poverty

- 50% of girls in grade 6 are on a diet

- 9 out of 10 girls feel pressure from media to be thin

for more information visit http://canadianwomen.org/

The Canadian Women's Foundation believes that helping girls and women is not only the right thing to do, but it is an investment in our future.

Proceeds from each of the 10 concerts will go directly to the Canadian Women's Foundation. Local artists at each city are kindly donating their talents in support of this fundraising tour. Half of the artists performing on this tour are women.

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August 23, 2015 Toronto, ON The Piston 8:30 pm

with Bradley Trauzzi, Brooklyn Doran, Brutus Begins, Ryan Isojima, Sasha Liknaitzky, Uniter

Entry: donate what you can

August 22, 2015 Ottawa, ON Raw Sugar Café 8:00 pm

with Kris Ward, Stephanie La Rochelle

Entry: donate what you can

August 19, 2015 Belle River, PEI Old Belle River Church 8:00 pm

with Special Guest TBA

Entry: donate what you can

August 18, 2015 Charlottetown, PEI Baba's Lounge 10:00 pm

with Drea Macdonald, Jessica Gallant

Entry: $5

August 17, 2015 Halifax, NS The Company House 9:00 pm

with Williston Irvine, Together Apart

Entry: donate what you can

August 15, 2015 Saint Andrews, NB Sunbury Shores 3:00 pm

with Charlotte Bartlett

Entry: donate what you can

August 13, 2015 Moncton, NB Plan B 9:00 pm

with Sarah Jayne Doiron, Tyler Hache

Entry: donate what you can

August 12, 2015 Fredericton, NB Three Sisters Café 7:00 pm

with David in the Dark

Entry: donate what you can

August 10, 2015 Montreal, QC BarPub St-Denis 9:00 pm

with Roxanne Potvin, bea boX and Sweet Roger

Entry: donate what you can

August 8, 2015 Kingston, ON Musiikki Cafe 8:00 pm

with Julia Finnegan and Brielle

Entry: donate what you can



About David Porteous

David Porteous is a Canadian solo singer/songwriter, music producer, filmmaker and multi-instrumentalist who currently resides in Toronto, Canada.

To say music is his life is an understatement. Now 31-years-old, David began writing music at age 11, had his first radio play on CBC Radio 2 at the age of 14, and has since created 31 solo music releases.

David's latest album, appropriatlely titled 31, was recorded in his bedroom. "I began recording music when I was around 15-years-old, and I quickly learned how liberating recording music at home feels. I decided to record 31 in my bedroom to relive that experience" said David. The artwork features a photo of David taken by his mom, of him holding a guitar when he was three years old. The album artwork features a photo of David taken by his mother when he was 3-years-old.

Four songs from the album 31 are featured in the new film Boy Meets Girl, directed by Eric Schaeffer. Schaffer is best known for films like If Lucy Fell (starring Sarah Jessica Parker, Ben Stiller) and After Fall, Winter. Boy Meets Girl premiered in New York January 2015 and has won over a thirty film festival awards.

David has never shied away from pushing himself creatively speaking. Most recently he developed an innovative music video for the deaf. By translating sound to colour and light, Porteous was able to share his music with the deaf community. "It's so compelling and intriguing…it takes the musical experience to a whole other level" said Asha Tomlinson, host of CBC News Now.

Over the years David has toured extensively in Canada, the UK, Europe and performed at top music festivals such as NXNE, CMJ Music Marathon, Havnekulturfestival Denmark, Music City North, Acoustic Edinburgh, and Canadian Music Week.

His passionate on-stage performances and lead guitar work have also landed him opening slots with many talented artists, including Emm Gryner, Peter Katz, Matthew Barber, Neverending White Lights, Rob Lamothe, Lindy, and Nellie McKay.


For more information, visit http://www.davidmusic.ca